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What happens to the job report after I submit it?

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When you submit your report and once it has finished uploading,  it is immediately available for our QA (Quality Assurance) team to check. You may notice that if a job has a few sections (such as 'Hallway' or 'Kitchen'),  and if you have an active data connection, it will already start uploading that section when all mandatory items have been completed.

Once the label on the job card reads "QA", you will need to wait until the team has responded to know the results of your report.

Results can be one of the following three:

  1. Failed - the team has decided that you have failed to submit an acceptable report.

  2. Retry - the team has decided that you can retry the report in case you missed something.

  3. Completed - the team has decided that your report was excellent!

  4. Attempted - a task may be marked as 'Attempted' if you are unable to complete it due to circumstances outside of your control, e.g. access issues or a technical problem. You will still be paid for Attempted tasks. 

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