There are a few reasons that a task may be showing as 'Attempted' in the Shepper app rather than 'Completed'. The main reasons are as follows: 

  • You have experienced a technical issue sending your report

Some users are experiencing an issue sending reports when they have poor phone signal. Our tech team are working hard on a fix for these issues but, in the meantime, one workaround is for our Support Team to mark the task as 'Attempted', which will preserve any media in the app. 

  • You were unable to complete the task due to an issue outside of your control

Occasionally Shepherds may be unable to fully complete tasks due to a range of issues (access problems, last-minute cancellations etc). Of course, these issues are outside of the control of both Shepper and the Shepherd, so tasks will be marked as 'Attempted' to show that you have done as much as you possibly could have. 

Rest assured, 'Attempted' tasks will still be paid and included on your monthly invoice. 

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