Withdraw and Auto-Withdraw

All you need to know about withdrawals

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Most withdrawals are processed at midnight on the same day. Large withdrawals will require a manual check, which can take between 3-7 working days.

If you still haven't received the payment after 7 working days please check our I need help with a payment issue article.

Withdrawal bank charges

Every time you withdraw funds from your balance there is a small charge applied to process this by the bank. Shepper will cover these costs for any withdrawal amounts greater than or equal to £20.

Withdrawal amounts less than £20 will incur a small charge to process.

You can withdraw manually twice a month and we will always auto-withdraw at the end of the month for any balances over £20.

Balances under £20 will not auto withdraw but will accumulate and will carry over to the next month in order to avoid withdrawal bank charges.

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