See your current balance, look at your historic earnings, withdraw money, add a payment method and more with your wallet

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The Wallet is where you see all the money you've earned πŸ’°

Current Balance

This shows your current balance and how much you have earned to date.

Payment Tab

Withdraw Button

Ready to withdraw your balance, simply press withdraw and the money will fly over to your account. πŸ’Έ Find out more about withdrawing here.

Earnings Chart

See how much you have earned each month with our nice new chart! πŸ“ˆ

Transaction History

You can see a list of all your transactions including jobs, bonuses, referrals and withdrawals here plus easily filter your transactions to capture a particular time period.

Export history

Want to download a record of all your transactions, this is your go-to place to get all your paperwork in order if you need to. πŸ“‘

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