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New Shepper Terms and Conditions: FAQs
New Shepper Terms and Conditions: FAQs

Frequently asked questions on the New Shepper Terms and Conditions

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New Shepper Terms and Conditions: FAQs

Why are the Terms and Conditions being updated?

From time to time we update our Terms and Conditions to ensure they reflect our business and how we work with the Community (you!) as a vital part of our success. We also wanted to simplify the wording and make it more accessible.

What are the changes?

The main changes to the Terms & Conditions are outlined below;

• Providing clearer definitions on what the terms we use mean

• Clarifying the status of how you work with Shepper, and making clear the responsibilities and expectations of both Shepper and Shepherds within that

• Making our code of conduct and complaints procedures clearer

• Simplifying our payment terms and processes

• Ensuring Shepherds know what we use, and don’t use, your data for

How will they affect me?

Accepting the new Terms & Conditions should not change the way you use the App or engage with Shepper as a Shepherd.

How do I see the new Terms and Conditions?
You will receive a prompt to view the new terms and conditions when you open the Shepper App. Click on “View Contract” to be taken to the updated terms.

You will then have the option to tick the box to confirm you have read the terms and click “Accept” if you agree to the terms.

You can also view a PDF version of the terms by clicking on the link at the end of this article.

I’m a UK Shepherd but I haven’t received a pop up notification?
Make sure you are on the latest version of the app by heading to your App Centre, or app store. Access will still be restricted for anyone on an older version of the App and who hasn’t accepted the new terms by 16th April.

Is this to do with the new HMRC legislation?

As you may be aware, new legislation was introduced in January 2024 that means digital platforms such as AirBnB and Vinted are now under obligation to report user earning details to HMRC. You can see an article on this here.

Shepper is in active discussions with HMRC, however we are not currently in scope of this new legislation. If that changes, we will communicate this and the impact it may have in good time.

As a general reminder, any individual tax reporting requirements in your resident countries are your responsibility.

I’m a Shepherd in Republic of Ireland, why don’t I see the new terms?

The UK Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws in England and Wales, which do not apply to Republic of Ireland Shepherds. We will be updating your terms and conditions in due course, and will communicate timelines on this when we have them.

What if I don’t accept the new terms before the deadline?

If you do not accept the new terms before the deadline, access to jobs will be restricted. You will not be able to pick up any new jobs, and any jobs you have in your basket will be returned to the marketplace. You will continue to be prompted to accept the terms each time you open the App for up to one month after the deadline.

If you decide to accept the terms after the deadline, restrictions on your account will be lifted, however you will have to re-add the jobs that were previously held in your basket.

You will retain access to your Wallet.

What if I don’t accept the new terms at all?

It is your choice whether you choose to accept the updated Terms and Conditions. If for some reason you choose not to accept them, it is your right to delete your Shepper account. We only ask that you reach out to us first so we can hear and understand your concerns and hopefully find a way to alleviate them.

What if I have more questions?

As always, you can reach out to Support via the App. We will also be hosting a Terms & Conditions Q&A in our Community Livestream on Monday 8 April at 6pm BST.

Here is the contract in full

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