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An update on Sticker Jobs coming in late 2023

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Hey Shepherds in the next month we are expecting around 30-40k checks coming to the system. Some of these checks however do come with some stipulations so just in case you want to let some friends know (in different areas to you hopefully), or you fear you might need to get your own stats up, I wanted to tell you all about this now.

Most of these checks are stickers jobs. Samsung Pay, Uber, and Amex.

However we will be releasing these in a tiered way as the clients expect 80% sticker placement. If we reach this expectation we will hopefully see even more checks coming from those clients next year.

Tier 1 - The Top Sticker Placement Shepherds
These are the Shepherds that will see the jobs first. These are the Shepherds that have a percentage of 80%+ sticker placement rating already over a large amount of calls.

Tier 2 - Sticker OG Shepherds
These are the shepherds that will see the jobs second. High placement Shepherds that already do stickers jobs and are reliable. It may be that your percentage didn't quite hit the 80% but don't worry with so many checks to go around this shouldn't stop you from being able to do LOADS.

Tier 3 - Everyone Else
These are the Shepherds that will see the jobs last. BUT there are quite a lot of stipulations to them being able to pick up jobs. To be able to see the Sticker Jobs you will need to have:

  • 10+ Paid Location Job Completions (so not including jobs at £0 and not including any jobs done from home)

  • A failure percentage of below 10%

  • A basket to completion percentage of 50%+

  • Not Sticker banned

  • Additionally Tier 3 Sticker Shepherds will only be able to pick up a total of 50 to begin with. As they will need to show that they are hitting at least 50% sticker placement rating

These requirements are not yet set in stone as we may tweak it slightly especially the basket to completion rating but they will not change significantly from what they are now.

Just because you are in Tier 1 or 2 does not mean you are exempt from those same stipulations and we will be HEAVILY monitoring this during all sticker campaigns If we find that your completion rating is dipping we will be contacting you to provide you with as much help as we can.

🚨 If you currently have any sticker jobs outstanding make sure to get these done by the deadline otherwise this could exclude you 🚨

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