NEW Shepper app 4.0.0

We've just launched our new and improved Shepper app v.4.0. Here are all the new features you need to know about!

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Anywhere Jobs

A brand new type of job that can be completed from anywhere. These jobs don’t have locations attached to them, have their own unique place in the app but will look familiar in terms of the questions and completing the tasks.


Ever wanted to know what the best jobs were on the platform at any given time? Or what jobs can be completed in under 5 minutes? Well, we’re introducing collections, which are individually curated groups of jobs that we want you to see before anything else. These will be promoted on the home page.

Job Counters

No more trawling the map trying to work out how many jobs we’ve got available for you. Now, we’re displaying the amount of Location, Treasure Hunt and Anywhere jobs available in the market in convenient little counters below the job section headers on the home page.

Shepper News

You’ll notice something a little different in your notifications tab. We’ve developed Shepper News, which is your hub for any of the latest info regarding new jobs, company news, app updates, etc.


We’ve revamped the filters a little bit. In the new app, you will easily be able to switch between the job market, accepted and live jobs screens by tapping the filter bubbles on the map or the list. The traditional filter options are still available too, just click the filter icon on the left.


We’ve removed these. Since we implemented the ability to scroll around the map and accept jobs anywhere in the country, areas became a little bit more redundant.

Multiple Jobs in One Location

If you stumble across multiple jobs in one location, a small popup window will appear and you’ll be able to freely scroll through all the jobs in that location until you find the perfect one for you.

Analytics (coming soon)

Ever wondered how accurate you are when completing jobs? Or how many jobs have been approved since you started with us? Well, we’re now displaying these stats and more in a brand new shepherd analytics panel in the app.

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