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App feature: Timer jobs
App feature: Timer jobs

Timer jobs allow you to complete a job within a designated timeframe.

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Timer jobs, what are they?

Some of the jobs we have in the market can be time sensitive and need to be completed in a certain timeframe depending on the nature. Introducing Timer Jobs!

Unlike regular jobs that you can pick up and choose to complete whenever, timer jobs have a specified time frame in which you have to complete the job! This can range from anywhere between having to complete a job within 3 hours of having picked it up or completing it within 2 weeks or more!

When you pick up a timer job, the countdown will begin and you'll have to complete it within its given time frame specified on the job listing itself.

Note: If you're not able to complete a timer job within in it's timeframe, it will expire and return to the market. Don't worry if you see it disappear from your job list after it's expired, you'll be able to pick it up and try again!

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