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Treasure hunt: what is it?

Treasure hunt is exactly what it sounds like, minus the eye patch and peg leg!

The same way pirates look for treasure through maps, you’ll be looking for data (or treasure as we’d like to call it) based on the things we need to look for, outlined in the app!

Treasure hunt checks vs normal checks

Unlike normal checks, which require you to go to a designated location/ store/ pin to complete a check, you can complete a treasure hunt check wherever you find treasure!

Depending on the criteria and treasure we’re looking for, you’ll have the freedom to go out and look for it wherever it may be.

Examples of Treasure Hunts might include finding a bus stop with damage, an empty shelf in a supermarket or even a pot hole in a road. In each case, you will see a card in the app showing details of the treasure hunt. You can then go on a hunt to find the nearest damaged bus stop, empty shelf or pot hole. The types of treasure are endless.

How it works

The new treasure hunt screen will list all the ‘treasure’ we are looking for including criteria on location and type of treasure we’re looking for, all you have to do is go find it! Once you’ve found a piece of treasure (e.g. empty shelf in a store), simply click ‘I’ve found some treasure!’, and a pin will drop on the map to indicate treasure has been found. You can adjust the location of the pin if required. The rest is easy – you’ll need to take a picture and fill out a simple report just like a normal check!

What’s more, treasure can be found anywhere, meaning you don’t need to live in a big city to find some, making it perfect for those living in quieter parts of the country.

Finding a piece of treasure

When you find a piece of treasure (eg damaged bus stop, broken glass and graffiti) you’ll have to submit it to our review team – just like a normal check – and a ✅ will appear where you’ve dropped a pin. This will let others know that a treasure has already been found at the location where you dropped a pin! Make sure not to add a piece of treasure if someone has already found it as marked by the pin on the map. Once approved, your bounty will be added to your wallet.

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