We can all get something wrong from time to time or we ask for a bit more detail on something, and that’s why we have a retry system so we can find out more or correct something. Until now, whenever you received a retry note from our support team, it stopped you from doing any other checks until you amended your report.

Not anymore! We still have the retry system but you will no longer be stopped from completing any checks you have in progress or assigned.

Even if you've yet to amend your report, it won’t affect your schedule. You'll be able to move on to your second, third or even fourth check with no problem. That means you can earn more in less time!

Now, when you get a check back for a retry you can either complete it right away, or carry on with what you were doing with your current job and the retry will no longer block you - How great is that!

Don't forget....

If your live check is due for a retry sent by our review team, you will have up until 24H after the original deadline of the check to make the necessary changes and submit.

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