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Skip Logic: what is it and how will it help you?
Skip Logic: what is it and how will it help you?

Why our new tech feature will make completing checks even easier.

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We’ll be launching an exciting new tech feature in the app on Monday, designed to make your checking experience even smoother!

Starting Monday, your report* will change depending on the answers you have given: meaning no more n/a options, making the checking process quicker.

The new feature: Skip Logic has been put in place to streamline your checking process. From next week onwards, our checks* will follow different routes depending on the answers that you input, reducing the need for n/a options and comments and saving you time!

We hope that this feature will make your checking an easier and more efficient experience.

We'd love to hear your feedback! Drop us a message on live chat and let us know your thoughts on this new feature!

*This feature will be available on selected reports only, where more detail and longer answers are required.

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