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When and why do we fail reports? Plus what you can do to avoid your reports failing

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Whilst the vast majority of reports are passed, there are some occasions where a report might be failed.

All reports are reviewed by our review team, either in real-time or later on during a delayed review stage to ensure the quality of every report.

A report may be failed if:

  • It was submitted outside the deadline (check the start/end times of each check!)

  • It contains unsuitable media; this means blurry photos, photos in which the view is obstructed, photos from vehicles, missing photos, photos of screens, shaky videos, bad angles etc;

  • It contains contradictory or imprecise answers

  • The required information is missing

  • It contains inappropriate/offensive language

  • It has not been completed at the correct location

  • Any requested edits following a retry note are not made

  • Evidence suggests that the answers in the report have been falsified!

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