We will always try to be flexible with task timings, however, this may not always be possible. Some tasks that we offer are flexible and can be completed any time within a certain date or timing range. This will be visible in the Marketplace and, when you pick up the task, you will be asked to confirm which day you are planning to complete the task. We ask Shepherds to pick a day as this allows us to better manage capacity and ensure that we always have enough members of our Support team available to help.

If you can no longer complete a task on the selected day, please message our Support Team and they will help you to reschedule the task if possible.

Due to factors outside of our control, some tasks cannot be rescheduled. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as restricted access to a property, the need to meet someone on-site or it may simply be that the client requires the check to be completed at a specific time. Unfortunately, if the Shepper app shows that a task must be completed in a specific timing window, it is unlikely that our Support team will have the flexibility to reschedule it.

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