Update 5th May

A few weeks ago we had to pause our checks following government advice to stop the spread of COVID-19. After regularly reviewing the situation, we will soon be resuming essential checks that are safe for our Shepherds to complete. This will allow us to support businesses through these tough times and give some of our Shepherds jobs to complete. In the coming weeks, we’ll be slowly adding new checks in certain areas.

How to stay safe when doing essential checks:

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Keep to social distancing rules
  3. Avoid touching your face, mouth and eyes
  4. Don’t go out if you feel unwell or if you’re vulnerable
  5. Plan and prepare
  6. Avoid public transport

Before you set off to complete an essential check, read our guide to find out more about what jobs will be available and how to keep safe at https://shepper.com/a-shepherd-guide-to-keeping-safe-during-essential-checks/

Update 24th March
In light of the current events, we have taken the decision to temporarily cease all jobs until further notice.

As you can imagine these are big decisions to make but we have a responsibility to protect each other and the safety and welfare of all citizens must now take priority.

Whether you have been with us for many years and completed hundreds of jobs or have only recently joined, we are sorry if you are disappointed and ask that you do stick with us and each other whilst we all overcome these challenging times.

Lastly we want you to know that Shepper is fit and healthy as a business and despite these drastic measures, that will not change.

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