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Shepherds are the face of our company, and as such we expect them to uphold certain standards and to behave in a way that reflects positively on both Shepper and themselves as individuals. To ensure that these standards don't slip, we have implemented a Shepherd Strike Policy. This policy is in place to protect both our clients and also other Shepherds. Below you will find more information about what actions will incur a strike. 

Strike Policy

The Shepherd Strike Policy follows a strict process to ensure that all Shepherds are upholding the standards set by Shepper. After 3 strikes, a Shepherd will be removed from our system and will receive no future jobs. Strikes will expire after a period of 3 months if no further strikes have been incurred.

Reasons why Strikes may be received (all strikes are at the discretion of the Shepper Operations team)

  • Cancelling jobs with less than 2 operational hours notice from the start time: Our Operational hours are 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week. Should you need to cancel a task with less than 2 hours notice, please notify our Support Team via the Shepper app. 

  • Regularly cancelling jobs with any notice (more than three times per month): Sometimes Shepherds will need to cancel - this is unavoidable. However, please try to only pick up tasks that you will be able to complete - cancellations affect our clients but also prevent other Shepherds from being able to pick up tasks near them. 

  • Poor performance or preparation for a job: Please ensure that you are familiar with the Shepper app before you begin your task. Remember, all questions must be answered and photos must be answered within the app - photos cannot be uploaded later. Please also make sure that your phone is fully charged before setting out for a task!

  • Arriving late for a job by more than 5 minutes: Some of our tasks are time-specific and arriving even a few minutes late can cause a task to fail. If you are going to be delayed for any reason, please proactively reach out to our Support Team via the app. 

  • Failure to conduct tasks by the deadline: As above, many of our tasks have strict deadlines. Please don’t accept more tasks than you can viably complete - if you complete all of your tasks then you can always pick more up!

  • Failure to make changes to a submitted report when prompted: All completed reports pass through our Quality Assurance (QA) stage to ensure that they are of a high enough standard. Occasionally, our Operations Team may send a task back to a Shepherd asking them to make some minor changes to the report. If these changes are not made, the report will be marked as incomplete and you will not be paid.

  • Poor communication: A strike may be incurred if a Shepherd does not respond to Shepper HQ when a response is required in order to successfully complete a job. 

  • Poor customer relations: Many of our tasks require contact with customers or third parties and a strike may be incurred if we receive feedback that a Shepherd is not being polite and courteous to clients. 

  • Inappropriate behaviour: Although work with Shepper is flexible, we still expect Shepherds to maintain a level of professionalism - Shepherds should never turn up for a task under the influence of alcohol or drugs, should never attend a task with anyone that is not registered with Shepper themselves and should not behave inappropriately towards our Support Team. 

  • Failing the “Shepper Standards Test”: “Have my actions or behaviour adversely impacted or are they likely to impact on the efficiency or operational effectiveness of Shepper and the reputation of the company?”

Depending on the severity of the infraction, Shepper reserves the right to terminate your contract at our discretion, should the infraction warrant such a response.

Implementation Process

If a member of our team encounters any of the above infractions by a Shepherd, the Shepherd will be notified by email as to when the infraction occurred and what the issue was. After three strikes, the Shepherd will again be notified by email that they have accrued this many strikes and that, consequently and according to Shepper policy, they will be removed from our system.

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